Brass Brooch
soldered sheet metal and wire coated with liver of sulfur, mechanized with magnets

Brass Brooch

Brass sheet metal hand-carved, formed and soldered, and pigmented by pickling

brass sheet metal hand-carved, formed and soldered; finished with an ammonia+salt patina and hand-woven tubed chainmail

Casted pure sterling silver hummingbird and matching leaf ring. Modeled on ceramic hand.

Detail- Sterling silver Hummingbird ring

Detail- Sterling silver Leaf ring

Various bronze and sterling silver casted rings modeled with organic leaves.

CAD ring rendering

Ceramic mug
(Note: image design/concept NOT original to the artist- based off of

Ceramic mug

Ceramic mug

“S” handle ceramic mug

“E” handle ceramic mug

Various ceramic bowls, vases, jars, and mugs

Ceramic snake vessel

Ceramic body of work exploring the human condition. Each piece is fired and finished with various materials including oil paint, nail polish, fabric, and metal

Part of “LIMITATIONS” : comments on the effect of suppression and lack of communication

Part of “LIMITATIONS” : represents control and manipulation through outside forces

Detail- piece from “LIMITATIONS”

Part of “LIMITATIONS” : explores sociological concept of “The Looking Glass Self” and its effects

“Slow Motion” ceramic sculpture fired and finished with oil/acrylic paint and outside materials.

“Voodoo” ceramic sculpture detailed with oil paint, faux eyelashes, wigs, and animal bones.

Ceramics, Metal & Jewelry Work

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Exploring and practicing the use of three-dimensional materials through functional & nonfunctional objects